Where is the GTA Online Gun Van location

The GTA Online Gun Van is always changing position around Los Santos and Blaine County, alternating between various shady parking lots and back alleyways to stay off the radar from the cops and any rival arms dealers taking an interest in their business. While it makes sense to keep things low-key, it does mean that customers can have trouble tracking them down so they can purchase their illicit wares – there are lots of locations where the Gun Van can spawn, so I’m here to help you find it quickly. The brutal Railgun is still unavailable, but you can grab yourself the exclusive Tactical SMG and the futuristic Widowmaker as made famous by the Republican Space Rangers.

These transactions are strictly off the books, which means the usual unlock requirements don’t apply here and you can purchase any of the Gun Van offerings regardless of your online rank. The quoted costs also include a discount thanks to this covert service, so it’s definitely worth paying a visit and adding some GTA Online new weapons and other useful items to your arsenal.

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