When is the next Fortnite live event

The next Fortnite live event is due to start soon, and once again it will be an ongoing in-game event instead of a one-off set piece to wrap up the current season. The clouds are starting to gather around the giant statue at Mount Olympus to signify the imminent arrival of a storm, which will likely tie this location together with Pandora’s Box on the outskirts of Restored Reels. For the latest on what we expect to happen next in the battle royale, here’s a summary of the current live event in Fortnite.

When is the next Fortnite live event

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What time is the Fortnite live event

The current Fortnite live event began on Tuesday May 14 at 7am PDT / 10am EDT / 3pm BST with the final update of the season in progress. From this point onwards, the storm around the statue at Mount Olympus will gradually get worse, triggering other events across the island as we move closer to the launch of Fortnite Season 3 in Chapter 5 on Friday May 24.

According to this post from @FNAssist, the Fortnite live event will feature the Mount Olympus statue moving to raise its sword and work through four stages of lightning charging, as well as more earthquakes across the island. Pandora’s Box will also be struck repeatedly by lightning to charge it up, filling the center gem on the box as it does.

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