V Rising Waygate map with all fast travel locations

Our Waygate map for V Rising will lay out every single location you can fast travel to in all of Vardoran, and considering that each region has its own resources, bosses, challenges and rewards, you’ll want to set up a network of operational Waygates to carry you across the entirety of the V Rising map. With the map having expanded for the 1.0 Release, there’s more Waygates than ever to find, so we’ve laid out all their locations on our Waygate map for V Rising below.

All Waygate locations in V Rising for fast travel

V Rising Waygates

(Image credit: Stunlock Studios)

We’ve got all the Waygate locations in V Rising shown on the map above, tagged with the usual green portal symbols that appear when you find them in game. You can make a Waygate active simply by getting close to it in-game, at which point you’ll be able to teleport to it via other Waygates from that point on (or choose to spawn at them if you’re killed).

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