The best Ghost of Tsushima Charms and where to get them

Ghost of Tsushima charms are special items you can equip that buff certain stats or grant you new abilities to use against your enemies. In fact picking the right charms can help you work towards new builds, geared towards playstyles like combat, stealth or archery. Some charms come through reaching Shrines, others come through side quests, but all the best charms in Ghost of Tsushima are laid out in our guide below, as well as how to get them, and the best builds you can make with them.

Best Ghost of Tsushima charms


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The charms listed below include our picks for the best charms in Ghost of Tsushima, regardless of your play style. They’re well worth equipping once found so you can improve Jin’s skills – the Charm of Inari, in particular, is worth seeking out first, as it will make all of the game’s upgrades much easier to attain. The Charm of Toxic Demise is right at the top too, as if you upgrade your Wind Chime capacity, you can simply throw all eight of them into a Mongol camp and clear it without combat.

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