Square Enix joins a growing line of Japanese devs trying “to win over PC users”

Square Enix is working through the growing pains of shifting “from quantity to quality” with its games output, and a key component of its new “aggressive” multiplatform strategy is a direct appeal “to win over PC users.” 

In a new outline of its medium-term business plan, Square Enix stresses a push to “diversify earnings opportunities by strengthening customer contact points.” Which is a very business-y way to say: we want to sell things to more people in more places. PC has become a key place, as this more straightforward line demonstrates: “Pursue initiatives designed to win over PC users, which represent a growth market.” 

“Growth market” is a significant detail here, because it echoes the evaluation of the PC player base in the eyes of not just Square Enix, but many Japanese game studios and companies. The likes of Capcom, Atlus, Sega, Sony, and more have made similar pushes into PC gaming, and it’s all paid off so far.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

(Image credit: Capcom)

Just today, Capcom celebrated 100 million copies sold for the Monster Hunter series. Special attention was paid to Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise, the first- and second-best selling games in Capcom’s entire library, which were both released on PC. Hammering it home, Capcom notes that with Rise and its Sunbreak expansion, it “has been promoting wider platform support and long-term worldwide digital sales for these titles,” and PC is a quietly massive factor here. Rise not only got a better PC port than World, its PC port didn’t lag behind the console content like World’s often did. “We always get a lot of fan requests for PC ports,” Monster Hunter producer Ryozo Tsujimoto said in 2021

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