Rockstar detectives think GTA 6’s cover art and screenshots could be revealed very soon

GTA 6 newshounds believe new screenshots for the upcoming Rockstar game could be revealed very soon.

Just recently, a bot appeared to have detected several new mentions of GTA 6 in Rockstar’s website API, according to the Twitter user below. The API apparently makes reference to “screens” alongside mention of GTA 6, seemingly pointing to brand new screenshots having been uploaded to the developer’s website.

According to the Twitter bot that originally dug up the API information, GTA 6’s cover art for its physical versions is referenced within Rockstar’s API. If that’s the case, and Rockstar is about to reveal GTA 6’s official cover art, it seems to indicate that the key art released last year (seen just below) won’t be doubling as the cover art for GTA 6’s physical editions.


(Image credit: Rockstar)

The Twitter user that’s dug up the information believes this points to Rockstar revealing the new screenshots this month. It’s worth pointing out that Rockstar does have a habit of releasing information for its upcoming games in May – new screenshots for Red Dead Redemption 2 debuted in May 2017, for example, alongside Rockstar announcing a delay for the sequel/prequel.

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