Nintendo 64 games can now be instantly ported to PC, and there’s a widescreen, 60 FPS Majora’s Mask to play right now

A new tool allows modders to instantly port Nintendo 64 games to PC, greatly reducing the time it takes to build major upgrades like widescreen and high frame rate support for the console’s library. We’re still in the early days, but an absolutely incredible PC version of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is already available for you to see what’s possible.

This tool is called N64: Recompiled, from a developer who goes by Wiseguy, and it essentially translates the original code of an N64 game into a modern programming language that can be read by current computers. Where an emulator would basically create a digital clone of an N64 console to run games, these native ports will run directly on your computer, opening the door to much more impressive upgrades.

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