Microsoft Windows 11 24H2 new features and changes

Windows 11 24H2 (2024 Update) is the next version that Microsoft has confirmed will be released in the second half of 2024. In this guide, I’ll show you the new features and changes expected to roll out in the next feature update.

Although the specifics of version 24H2 are still unknown, it’s known that the company will focus heavily on continuing to integrate AI across Windows 11, including improving Copilot across the system and apps and introducing new features, such as Voice Clarity, Super Resolution, and Speak for me.

The feature update will also include non-AI improvements, such as the case of the new Energy Saver mode, Windows Protected Print Mode, the addition of the Linux Sudo command, new testing tools for the sound settings, and various improvements for existing features.

The company is expected to complete the development around April, with a first release in the summer for new ARM-based devices, but it will be a partial release. Instead, it’ll only include the core features and changes necessary to bring these devices to the market. Then, Microsoft will announce the official release date for Windows 11 24H2, which could be sometime in October.

Similar to other releases, version 24H2 is expected to be a free upgrade for compatible Windows 11 and 10 devices. Also, since this is a significant refresh, it’ll require reinstallation.

Once the feature update is ready, you will be notified to download the new version manually through Windows Update. If you are a “seeker,” you can force the upgrade by turning on “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available” and clicking the “Check for updates” button in Settings, followed by the “Download and install” button.

Alternatively, you will be able to install the new version using a USB installation media or ISO file to perform an in-place upgrade or clean installation. In addition, you can use the Installation Assistant to upgrade.

This guide highlights the most important features and changes appearing in previews through the Windows Insider Program and will be updated regularly to reflect the changes. The last update was on March 27, 2024, with the changes available to build 26085 in the Dev Channel. Also, let me know in the comments your thoughts on this new version.

What’s new on Windows 11 24H2

These are the new features expected to arrive with the release of Windows 11 24H2.

Copilot (AI)

Windows 11 24H2 now includes an updated version of Copilot with a new action context menu that dynamically surfaces different actions depending on the content copied into the clipboard. (When you perform a copy action, the “Copilot” button will produce an animation, letting you know the actions are available.)

For example, when copying text to the clipboard, the menu will reveal specific actions, such as “Send to Copilot,” “Summarize,” and “Explain.”

Copilot new context menu
Copilot new context menu / Image: Mauro Huculak

When copying an image, the action menu will include the options to “Send to Copilot,” “Explain,” and “Edit image.”

You can also drag an image to the button to open the chatbot panel, then drop the image in the box and compose the prompt to perform the query.

This feature update also opens the Copilot panel automatically on devices with 27-inch or larger displays.

You can always turn off this option from Settings > Personalization > Copilot and turn off the “Open Copilot when Windows starts” toggle switch.

Copilot auto start option
Copilot auto start option / Image: Mauro Huculak

Finally, you can now undock the Copilot side panel to use the chatbot as a regular app, which you can resize and move around the desktop.

The company is also making available a plugin to connect Copilot with Power Automate, which is a tool for automating tasks between different apps and services.

Microsoft hasn’t officially announced this feature, but inside the latest preview build, there’s a new “Chat Providers” setting that indicates that you will be able to install other chatbots, such as ChatGPT, and uninstall or disable Copilot on Windows 11. (It’s important to note that this setting currently only appears for devices set to one of the European Economic Area countries, so this could be another set to comply with the DMA.)

Windows 11 Chat Providers
Windows 11 Chat Providers / Image: @Phantomofearth

Sudo for Windows 11

Microsoft is also adding the “sudo” command to Windows 11, a feature that has been available on Unix-based operating systems (such as Linux and macOS) since the 1980s.

Sudo (superuser do) is a command that allows you to run elevated programs without running the Windows Terminal as an administrator.

You can perform many operations using this command, such as deleting a protected file, invoking elevated commands, and opening a new terminal to perform any task.

You must enable the option manually from Settings > System > For developers and turn on the “Enable sudo” setting.

Enable sudo command
Enable sudo command / Image: Mauro Huculak

Sudo has three different modes:

  • In a new window: Runs the terminal with elevated privileges.
  • With input disabled: Runs the terminal inline as an administrator with standard input closed in the window you executed the elevation. It will also block interaction with the elevated process.
  • Inline: The terminal will allow you to execute administrative tasks within the same window, similar to the experience in Linux and macOS.

It’s also possible to turn Sudo on or off and change its mode with the sudo config --enable normal command. The normal option means “Inline,” but you can change the option to forceNewWindow to use the “In a new window” mode or the disableInput for the “With input disabled” mode.

Once you enable the feature, you can run elevated commands in a normal terminal for Command Prompt or PowerShell—for example, sudo del mytextfile.txt.

Super Resolution (AI)

Super Resolution (Auto RS) is perhaps one of the most anticipated features coming to Windows 11 24H2. The feature is aimed at PC gaming, and it uses AI to upscale games and improve frame rates and image quality.

The feature is expected to work similarly to Nvidia’s DLSS, AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), and Intel’s Xe Super Sampling (XeSS), which also uses AI to upscale games.

Since this feature is still under development, I don’t have enough information on the requirements. I understand that Super Resolution will work automatically on computers with an NPU (Neural Processing Unit), but it’s unclear whether users will be required to have it. Also, it’s still unknown how different it will be compared to the solutions available from Nvidia, AMD, and Intel.

You can enable the upscaling feature from Settings > Display > Graphics and turn on the “Automatic super resolution” toggle switch.

Energy Saver

“Energy Saver” is a new power-saving mode that replaces the existing “Battery Saver” mode. It not only helps extend the battery life of a device but also works to reduce energy usage on computers without a battery.

The power-saving mode is actually based on the “Battery Saver” mode and the “Power mode” features, meaning that it works in the same way by extending the battery life and reducing energy usage by trading off system performance.

To enable Energy Saver, you have to open Settings > Power (Power & battery), click on the “Energy Saver” setting, and then you have to configure the feature.

Energy Saver feature
Energy Saver feature / Image: Mauro Huculak

On a laptop or a desktop computer with a battery backup, you can use the “Always use energy saver” option or choose when the energy saver mode should turn on automatically when the battery level drops at a specific percentage. You can always choose the “Never” or “Always” option.

On a device without a battery, you will only find the “Always use energy saver” option to enable the feature and start conserving electricity.

As part of the new feature, the Quick Settings flyout is adding an option to turn Energy Save on or off, and when enabled, a new icon will appear in the System Tray.


The Start menu and Taskbar are also getting some improvements. For example, the Quick Settings flyout has an updated interface that ditches the option to edit the available items for a scrollable page, giving you quick access to all the shortcuts.

Quick Settings scrollable UI
Quick Settings scrollable UI / Image: Mauro Huculak

The same menu now includes a new option to turn live captions on and off.

Quick Settings with Live Captions
Quick Settings with Live Captions / Image: Mauro Huculak

The progress bar in the app icon has been updated to make it easier to understand.

New progress bar
New progress bar / Image: Microsoft


The “Bluetooth devices discovery” settings page removes the “Advanced” option and changes the workflow. As a result of this change, the system will always scan for devices, but it will only show common device types. If uncommon devices are found, you will notice a new “Show more devices” option to view them.

Also, when you are in the “Add a device” window from the Quick Settings flyout, if you click the “Show all devices” option, the system will show common and uncommon devices.

Voice Clarity (AI)

Voice Clarity is an AI-powered feature that enhances audio by canceling echo, suppressing background noise, and reducing reverberation in real time. It works with apps using Communications Signal Processing Mode, such as Phone Link and WhatsApp, without needing extra hardware.

In addition, this feature will also benefit PC games with online communication. Apps can toggle “Deep Noise Suppression” for voice-only or generic audio content. Voice Clarity ensures a clear voice in online meetings and smoother online communication.

Microsoft plans to enable Voice Clarity by default on all Windows 11 installations.

It’s important to note that this feature works automatically on supported applications. You want to find an option that says turn on Voice Clarity.

Speak for me (AI)

On Windows 11, “Speak for Me” is a feature that uses AI to create voices that you can use to communicate with others, or you can use your voice to create a personal voice.

The feature is available from Settings > Accessibility > Speak for me by turning on the “Speak for me” toggle switch.

Settings Speak for me
Settings Speak for me / Image: Mauro Huculak

As you turn on the feature, the wizard will launch with the option to choose a “natural voice” or create a “personal voice.”

Speak For Me voice configuration
Speak For Me voice configuration / Image: @PhantomOfEarth

Once the feature is configured, you use the “Windows key + Ctrl + T” keyboard shortcut to turn the feature on, use the interface to type what you want to say, and click the “Speak” button.

Speak For Me desktop UI
Speak For Me desktop UI / Image: @PhantomOfEarth

File Explorer

Starting with version 24H2, File Explorer is getting a few improvements. For example, the file manager now adds a new compression wizard that includes options for choosing formats like “gzip” and “bzip2” for individual files or creating archives with different tar formats and compression types.

File Explorer new compression wizard
File Explorer new compression wizard / Image: Mauro Huculak

In addition, you can adjust compression levels and select the data types stored in each archive for greater customization. However, compression with encryption is still not supported.

File Explorer now supports viewing and editing metadata for “.png” files, including setting stars, changing descriptions, and adding keywords.

Also, the “Alt + Tab” keyboard shortcut and “Snap Assist” feature from the “Multitasking” settings page only allow you to show up to 20 recent tabs.

The company also updates the File Explorer context menu with labels for the main action buttons: cut, copy, paste, rename, share, and delete.

File Explorer menu with labels
File Explorer menu with labels / Image: Mauro Huculak

Furthermore, when extracting a conflicting file, the dialog will allow you to skip and replace all conflicts.

If an instance of File Explorer has more than one tab, the title in the thumbnail when hovering over the app in the Taskbar or in the “ALT + Tab” shortcut will read the tab’s name in focus and the number of tabs.

File Explorer with number of open tabs
File Explorer with number of open tabs / Image: Mauro Huculak


Windows 11 24H2 also improves various aspects of the networking features. For starters, Microsoft is adding support for Wi-Fi 7 (IEEE 802.11be Extremely High Throughput (EHT)). This is the latest wireless standard based on Wi-Fi 6 and 6E, and it offers a theoretical maximum speed of over 40 Gbps. Significantly faster than the 9.6 Gbps of Wi-Fi 6. (It’s important to remember that these are theoretical speeds; in real-world scenarios, they’re much lower.)

In other words, support for Wi-Fi 7 on Windows 11 means multi-gigabit wireless speeds with significantly lower latency, better reliability, efficiency, and power management.

Of course, the device will need a Wi-Fi 7 network card and a supported access point to access this new networking support.

In the Quick Settings flyout on the Wi-Fi page, you will find an option to refresh the network list, allowing you to connect to wireless access points more easily. This new feature joins several other related networking features, including the ability to find and share a wireless password using a QR code and install network drivers during the Out-of-box Experience.

The option to view the “Wi-Fi” password is now available at the top of the page in Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi.

Show Wi-Fi password option
Show Wi-Fi password option / Image: Mauro Huculak

Also, you can now use the Camera app to scan a barcode from the wireless settings to sign into the Wi-Fi network.

Server Message Block (SMB)

In the Taskbar, when you right-click the Wi-Fi icon, you will find a new “Diagnose network problems” option to troubleshoot and quickly resolve problems with the connection.

Windows 11 has added several changes to Server Message Block (SMB), focusing on enhancing security and providing more granular control.

You will find new firewall changes as part of the Server Message Block protocol changes to increase security. For instance, the system will now automatically configure the new “File and Printer Sharing (Restrictive)” group, which no longer contains inbound NetBIOS ports 137-139. In the future, the company will remove inbound ICMP, LLMNR, and Spooler Service ports and restrict them to only SMB sharing-necessary ports.

The new SMB NTLM blocking now supports specifying exception lists for NTLM usage to configure a general block while still allowing clients to use NTLM for specific servers that do not support Kerberos.

Also, the Server Message Block client now supports connecting to an SMB server over TCP, QUIC, or RDMA using alternative network ports to the hardcoded defaults. In addition, the SMB over QUIC server on the server version of Windows now supports endpoints configured with different ports than 443

Microsoft is bringing certificate support with subject alternative names and not just a single subject to the SMB over QUIC client access control feature.

Finally, the Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol now supports encryption requirements for outbound SMB client connections, allowing network administrators to force the use of SMB 3 and encryption.

Local Administrator Password Solution LAPS

The Windows LAPS (Local Administrator Password Solution) introduces several enhancements to improve security and manageability:

  • Automatic Account Management: Network administrators can configure LAPS to create managed local accounts automatically. This includes naming, enabling, and disabling the account and optional randomization for extra security. Also, it integrates with existing Microsoft local account management policies.
  • Improved Password Complexity: A new “PasswordComplexity” setting generates less confusing passwords. It omits certain characters, making passwords more readable. The Windows LAPS tab in the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in now uses a better font to display passwords.
  • Passphrase Feature: LAPS can now generate passphrases for easier readability and typing. Network administrators can choose from three-word lists and control the passphrase length. This feature supports backups to Windows Server Active Directory or Microsoft Entra ID.
  • Image Rollback Detection: LAPS can detect image rollbacks, ensuring that passwords match between Active Directory and local devices. It uses an Active Directory attribute and rotates passwords if a mismatch is detected. Update-LapsADSchema PowerShell cmdlet is required for this feature.

DNR protocol support

Windows 11 is also getting support for the Discovery of Network-designated Resolvers (DNR) protocol, a new internet standard to discover encrypted DNS servers.

This implementation will allow you to use encrypted DNS protocols (such as DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS) on the computer without requiring manual configuration.

Color management in Settings

Microsoft also ports the “Color Management” settings previously available in the Control Panel to the Settings app. The page is available from Settings > System > Display > Color management (Color Profiles).

New Color Management settings
New Color Management settings / Image: Mauro Huculak

The page works in the same way as legacy settings since it allows you to add and remove color profiles and set the default color profiles, and you can now control the auto color management on this page.

Printers with Windows Protected Print Mode

In this release, you can now configure the “Windows Protected Print Mode” (WPP) mode directly from the “Printer & scanners” settings page.

Windows protected print mode
Windows protected print mode / Image: Mauro Huculak

Windows Protected Print Mode allows computers to print using the system’s new universal modern print stack (driver) designed to work with Mopria printers only. This feature lets you connect a printer to Windows 11 without needing third-party software. Now, the printer will just work.

This feature update also introduces an option to pause and resume print jobs in Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Printers & scanners.

Printer pause and rename settings
Printer pause and rename settings / Image: Mauro Huculak

Microsoft is also adding an option to rename the printer from the settings page.

Sound improvements

Windows 11 24H2 supports hearing aids with Bluetooth Low Energy Audio (LE Audio) technology.

Once the device is paired, users can pair, stream audio, and take calls. It’s also possible to control audio presets, ambient sounds, and experience enhancements to the “Bluetooth & devices” settings page.

Hearing aids settings
Hearing aids settings / Image: Mauro Huculak

You can also adjust the volume of ambient sound coming from their hearing aids. In addition, the settings page is getting a few improvements, including monitoring capabilities for battery life and connection status. The page also adds an option to access the audio settings page (System > Sound > Properties) directly.

Furthermore, as part of the microphone properties, Windows 11 now provides a tool to test your microphone. This means that now, on Settings > System > Sound, inside the microphone properties, you will find a new “Microphone test” setting with two options, including the “Default” and “Communication” modes.

Microphone test
Microphone test / Image: Mauro Huculak

Once you select the mode, you can record and listen to audio and choose the processing mode that provides the best result. (However, Microsoft notes that the tool is only for testing and will not affect the audio mode.)

Privacy with new location changes

In the “Location” page from the “Privacy & security” section in the Settings app, version 24H2 adds new controls to determine which apps can access wireless networks near you to detect your location.

Notify when when apps request location setting
Notify when when apps request location setting / Image: Mauro Huculak

Additionally, a new dialog will prompt the first time an app tries to access your location or wireless information so that you can allow or deny access without navigating into the Settings app.

To prevent apps from accessing your location, you can turn off the “Notify when apps request location” toggle switch from the Location page to hide the prompts.

When permission is granted, apps that use location or wireless information will now appear in “Recent” activity on the “Location” page, and the location icon will show in the Taskbar while the app is in use.

Pointer Indicator

The Pointer Indicator is a new feature that helps low-vision users locate the cursor on the screen easily using a visual crosshair.

To enable the feature, you can use the “Windows key + Ctrl + X” keyboard shortcut or open Settings > Accessibility > Mouse Pointer and Touch and turn on the “Prointer Indicator” toggle switch.

Mouse Pointer Indicator settings
Mouse Pointer Indicator settings / Image: Mauro Huculak

You will also find the settings to change the colors for the crosshair visual on the page.

Although this new feature is part of the scope coming with the Windows 11 24H2, the PowerToys app has had the same feature for many years, and it seems that the company is now porting it into the operating system.

Widgets redesign

In addition to the ability to disable the news feed, the Widgets board is getting a left navigation pane that allows you to switch between a dedicated page with your widgets and the news feed.

Widgets left pane
Widgets left pane / Image: Mauro Huculak

Also, the Widgets icon will include a badge notification in the Taskbar to show the number of notifications you may have missed.

When opening the dashboard, you will notice a new widget with the missed notifications in the top-left corner.

Storage Block Cloning and Storage Pool changes

Microsoft is adding “Block Cloning” support to the operating system copy engine for Resilient File System (ReFS) as part of the Dev Drive feature. Although the file system already supports “Block Cloning,” this new implementation brings native support to copy actions and APIs.

The company says that this support improves the performance of the file system volumes, including for build scenarios or any other copy-intensive scenarios in Dev Drives.

On Settings > System > Storabe > Advanced storage settings > Storage Spaces, you can now easily upgrade and delete pools with a single button. In the past, you had to delete space and then remove all the drives from the pool to remove the pool.

Snipping Tool shapes

If you take screenshots with the Snipping Tool app, you can now open the “Shapes” menu from the toolbar and, from the “Outline” tool, select the outline’s color and thickness.

Outline settings
Outline settings / Image: Mauro Huculak

The “Fill” tool lets you make the shape transparent or filled with a specific color. (Usually, you would use the “Transparent” option.)

Fill settings
Fill settings / Image: Mauro Huculak

Finally, click the “Square,” “Oval,” “Line,” or “Arrow” options, and draw the shape anywhere on the image. You can always resize and rotate the shape and change the fill and outline settings.

Snipping Tool shapes
Snipping Tool shapes / Image: Mauro Huculak

Once the shape is no longer focused, it’ll merge into the image automatically.

Notepad with Copilot

As part of the effort to make Copilot available from anywhere inside the operating system, Microsoft is also updating Notepad with Copilot with a new “Explain with Copilot” option in the context menu that helps you understand various types of content, such as logs, programming code, or any selected text.

In addition, the app is getting spelling functionality with more granular control to specify the file format where you want proofreading capabilities to appear. For example, you can set the feature for “.txt,” “.md,” “.srt/.ass,” “.lrc,” and “.lic.”

Notepad Spelling and Autocorrect
Notepad Spelling and Autocorrect / Image: @phantomOfEarth

In addition, the settings page includes an option to enable autocorrect to fix typos when the spell-checker is turned on.

New Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is also adding a new unified version of the Teams app for Windows 11, replacing the work and school versions with one experience that allows you to switch between the available account types.

Teams unified app
Teams unified app / Image: Microsoft

The new app remains the same as the previous version but also includes a redesigned notification interface that shows the account for the alert.

OOBE new experience

Microsoft is also updating the “Windows Setup” experience with a clearer and more interface that users will notice when performing a clean installation or upgrade using the USB bootable media. The company notes that all the features will continue to be supported, including unattended support.

Windows 11 Setup new UI
Windows 11 Setup new UI / Image: Microsoft

The interface retains the familiar frame design but with a light background similar to the updated version of the Media Creation Tool.

It’s important to note that while this change does not affect the DISM operating system deployment, it may affect some of the workflows.

Windows 11 update without reboot

Finally, Microsoft also plans to add a new update mechanism known as “hot patching” to eliminate the need to force reboot the computer on every security update.

The hot patching process works by patching the code of running processes in memory, avoiding the need to restart the process and thereby ensuring higher availability and reducing disruptions.

The company plans to use this method to deploy the monthly security update without requiring a restart to apply the changes. The only caveat is that this doesn’t mean reboots will never be needed since “hot patching” requires a baseline update that continues to mandate a restart every several months.

In other words, after upgrading to version 24H2, you will have to restart the device only a few times a year. This will likely happen during the January, April, July, and October updates.

Also, remember that the “hot patching” method is for security updates. It doesn’t include critical or feature updates.

Other changes

This feature update also ships with additional minor changes, including for Command Prompt, Registry, and more.

Command Prompt

In this feature update, Command Prompt now understands when the PATH changes to update your current session if you’re the Windows Package Manager or any other package manager.


It’s not often that we see changes for the Registry Editor, and in this flight, the app is getting an option, the “Find” interface, that allows you to limit the search to selected keys and subkeys.

Registry Search in subtree
Registry Search in subtree / Image: Mauro Huculak

Remote desktop

The legacy Remove Desktop Connection app is getting more support options, including 350, 400, 450, and 500 percent.

Color settings page

In the “Colors” settings page, when using the “Light” mode, the app will disable the “Show accent color on Start and taskbar” option and describe that the feature is only available in the “Dark” mode.

Removed features

On Windows 11 24H2, Microsoft also completely removes support for Windows Mixed Reality and Microsoft Defender Application Guard (MDAG).

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