Meet the new hero of Helldivers 2: Dremskiy, a player kicked despite insisting “Im frend,” who now has a full Steam friends list after even PlayStation shared the love

A rocky run of balance patches and technical issues hasn’t stopped the Helldivers 2 community from being wholesome as hell, as evidenced by the recent outpouring of support for a sad-looking player named Dremskiy, who is now every Helldiver’s friend. 

The Dremskiy saga, as future historians will call it, started on May 13 when, as many memes have documented, screenshots emerged of a text chat conversation between Dremskiy and another player named Tolga. It’s a tale as old as time: Dremskiy joined a public lobby which wasn’t supposed to be public, and Tolga, the squad leader, apologized in advance for having to kick them so they could return to a friends-only session. The best drama authors on the planet would struggle to top the final exchange.

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