Marvel’s Blade: Everything we know so far

Marvel’s Blade was one of the surprise announcements at the Game Awards 2023, and ho boy did it go down well. In development at Arkane Lyon, of Dishonored and Deathloop fame, it’s set to be an original story based on the Blade comics featuring the now iconic coat and glasses of Marvel’s resident vampire hunter-slash-dhampir.

All we’ve had so far on Marvel’s Blade is pretty minimal, but what we do know is sounding very appealing indeed: it’s a third-person, single-player, mature original story set in Paris. While we don’t expect to see Blade join the ranks of new games for 2024 to expect in the coming months, the studio has well and truly caught our attention with its slick Marvel’s Blade teaser trailer in lurid shades of blood red and black. 

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