In an era of 100GB games, breakout Metroidvania hit Animal Well is only 34MB – so small that its 4K PS5 background is “likely larger than the game”

Animal Well is already the second best-rated game of 2024, second only to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. But where the middle entry in the remake trilogy is nearly 150GB in size, Animal Well packs all its goodness in a fraction of the space.

My Animal Well install clocks in at just 33.3MB, though the system requirements on Steam suggest you’ll need 40MB of space – either way, this is a tiny game. Speaking to Stephen Totillo’s Game File newsletter, developer Billy Basso says “I just tried to program it in a compact and straightforward way.” He notes that “the game size can mostly be attributed to the fact that the game uses a custom engine, with no unnecessary features bundled in, and [my] use of low resolution pixel art assets.”

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