I went to war in Manor Lords all so my city-builder civilians could get a proper drink

I didn’t set out to be a Manor Lords warmonger. From the minute I first booted up the hit city-builder, I was prepared to settle gently into my region and oversee an era of peace and tranquility. Unfortunately, as I was soon to find out, developer Slavic Magic and Mother Nature had different plans for me, and they all revolved around a cool mug of ale.

I started Manor Lords with an unfortunate surprise: the very first region I was dropped in was a vast, barren desert. A building overlay shows you the fertility of your land for Manor Lords’ various crops – wheat is crucial for food, but you can also assess how successfully you’ll be able to grow rye, flax, and barley. Sadly, I could barely grow any of them. My starting region was massive, but only one tiny pocket of it was capable of growing wheat. The rest was a swathe of reds and yellows that denoted horrific soil quality.

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