How to use Hades 2 Nectar and get more of it

Nectar in Hades 2 is important as a key item for boosting your affinity with characters in the Crossroads, Underworld, and Olympus. It doesn’t seem all that useful at first since Melinoe can’t drink the Nectar herself, but those that have played Hades 1 will know exactly how it works in Hades 2. Below, I’ve explained what you should do with Nectar you collect in Hades 2 and the best ways to get more of it to power level your relationships.

What is Nectar for in Hades 2?

Hades 2 Nectar gift to selene

(Image credit: Supergiant Games)

Nectar is an Indulgence item in Hades 2 that can be given as a gift to allied characters to improve your relationship level with them. When you have Nectar in your inventory, you can approach most Hades 2 characters and offer a gift by pressing RT/R2 and selecting the Nectar item from the list of possible gifts. 

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