How to get V Rising Whetstones

V Rising Whetstones are important items found either from the corpses of enemies in specific locations across Farbane woods, or crafted in your Castle Heart with the furnace. Whetstones are fairly easy to get – or at least, can be obtained early on in the game – but if you want to craft them, you’ll need to go and hunt one of the bosses along the way. Either way you’ll have to fight through some foes and overcome some serious challenges, but it will be something you’ll need to do either way at different phases of the early-game progression path. Read on for more detail on how to get whetstones in V Rising, including farming them and crafting them at your lair.

How to get Whetstones in V Rising

As we mentioned, there are two ways to get Whetstones in V Rising, explained below.

  1. Find Whetstones in key bandit camps and areas
  2. Craft your own Whetstones using a Furnace and the special recipe

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