How to get to the Surface in Hades 2

Getting to the Surface in Hades 2 is a complicated process requiring two separate Incantations to unlock the path and then survive up there. The ward in the Crossroads blocks a set of stairs up to the Surface world, so bringing that down is your first challenge. After that, you’ve got to overcome the family curse in Hades 2 to stop Melinoe dying within minutes of leaving the Underworld. To help you begin the long trek towards Olympus – which isn’t in the current Hades 2 early access build – here’s what you need to know about unlocking the Surface in Hades 2.

How to unlock the Hades 2 Surface path

Hades 2 Surface run ended Moros dialogue

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After a request for help defending Mount Olympus from Hermes, Melinoe makes it her mission to reach the Surface and the mountain of the Gods (as well as defeating the Titan of Time). However, getting there is no easy feat as you need to perform two Incantations with very particular ingredients to properly unlock the Surface path, both of which are given to you by Lord Moros. Once you’ve cast those, you can attempt to clear this new area, which has its own enemies, characters, bosses, and resources.

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