How to get Thick Leather in V Rising

Thick Leather in V Rising is a resource that a lot of players find themselves stuck on, as it’s a wall that’s relatively easy to run into in the early game, as players look to craft items like Waterskins, Cloth, and armor like the Merciless Hollowfang set – only for V Rising to insist they need a new kind of leather better than the normal sort that you’ve likely encountered before now. If you want to know how to get Leather in V Rising, here’s how you can craft it yourself.

How to unlock and craft V Rising Thick Leather

V Rising Thick Leather

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Thick Leather in V Rising is crafted, not a drop from animals – at least, not directly. Here’s how you obtain this particular resource:

  1. Hunt down the boss Keely the Frost Archer in Farbane Woods
  2. From Keely, you’ll get the blueprints for the Tannery
  3. Build the Tannery in your Castle
  4. Thick Leather can be made in the Tannery as long as your Castle Heart is powered

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