How to get Merciless weapons and armor in V Rising

V Rising Merciless weapons and armor are next tier gear that can be build from particular crafting recipes, obtainable in different ways but leading you all to the same point. Merciless gear is even essential to passing certain points within the game, so you’ll need to know how to set it up if you want to be anything more then a basic bloodsucker. Here’s how you get the Merciless Weapons and Armor in V Rising, including recipes and crafting alike.

How to get Merciless weapons and armor in V Rising

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Merciless gear, armor and weapons in V Rising can only be crafted, rather than found. For that you need a Merciless recipe, which can be found in one of two ways:

– Researched at your Castle

– Found as random drops from certain enemies

Merciless weapons are basically enhanced, superior versions of existing weapons and gear. For example, a Merciless Copper Sword functions the same as a Copper Sword, but with better stats and numbers attached. 

Researching Merciless recipes

We’ll cover researching Merciless gear at your castle first, as it’s slightly more reliable as a process. To do this, you’ll need a LOT of V Rising Paper, or even the rarer, higher-value V Rising Scrolls. Once you have either, build a Research Desk or the Study, depending on what you want to get.

  • Research Desk (requires 50 Paper): Merciless Copper Weapons, Merciless Nightstalker armor
  • Study (requires 75 Scrolls): Merciless Iron Weapons, Merciless Hollowfang armor

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