How to form a Manor Lords militia

Knowing how to form a Manor Lords militia is vital if you want to see off bandits and rival lords. It’s not well explained though and, even when you understand what’s going on, it can still be a trick part of this city-builder-meets-battle tactics game to master. 

A militia in Manor Lords is simply an army of local townspeople with weapons and armour to fight incoming foes, or help stake claims to a rival’s territory. You’re given a starter set of weapons and shields when you first start, but knowing what to do with them or, more importantly, how grow your forces isn’t clear. Let me explain how to set up a militia in Manor Lords so you’ll always be prepared for battle. Just remember that you can skip all the hassle or raising armies entirely if you play the combat-free Rise to Prosperity Manor Lords scenario. You can also check out our Manor Lords tips for general helpful advice on starting out.

How to set up a Manor Lords militia

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1. Build your village until you have at least 36 male settlers

2. Click “create new units” using the Army button on your toolbar

3. Assess your weapons and shields, then form the most relevant militia

4. Rally your troops when needed for battle

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