How to find Iron in Hades 2

Mining Hades 2 Iron on the Surface works just like mining any other ore reagent, but the issue is that it’s so hard to find. You’ve essentially got to hope that the warships in the Rift are feeling generous that night, providing some ore chunks for you to bash with the Crescent Pick. Once you’ve managed to gather a decent amount of Iron, there are a few things you can use it for in Hades 2, namely a few high-level Incantations and upgrades. If you’re after Hades 2 Iron, here’s where you need to look.

Where to get Hades 2 Iron

Hades 2 Iron deposit

(Image credit: Supergiant Games)

You’ll find Hades 2 Iron in the Rift of Thessaly region on the Surface, and it must be mined using the Crescent Pick. Keep an eye out for any piles of dark, round spheres when you board any of the warships or islands in the Rift and then hit it several times with your Pick to get three Iron chunks out it. Sounds simple, right?

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