How to beat Hecate in Hades 2

To beat Hecate in Hades 2, you need to exploit her long attack sequences and be prepared to dash around a lot when she summons clones. The Witch of the Crossroads is the first major boss fight that you’ll need to overcome in Supergiant’s roguelike sequel. She waits at the end of the first region in Hades 2, Erebus, to test protagonist Melinoë’s skills, with a varied moveset that is punishing if you’re not prepared. Here are some top tips for beating the Hecate boss fight in Hades 2 so you can advance to the next region.

Hades 2 Hecate boss fight tips

Hecate, like most bosses in both Hades 2 and its predecessor, splits her boss fight into three sections. They don’t differ too much from one another, but you’ll know that you’ve got your teacher down to around two-thirds and one-third of her health when she turns invulnerable for a few moments and returns to the centre of the arena. In between those stages, however, it’s relatively easy to get in plenty of attacks against Hecate while dodging in between her own strikes.

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