How to beat Eris in Hades 2

The Hades 2 Eris boss fight is a real roadblock on the Surface path, with her Adamant Rail bullets and bombs making her a formidable foe. As if being able to fly, drop bombs, and snipe Melinoe wasn’t enough, her treachery and teasing make her all the more frustrating, especially when you die. Since getting past her is a crucial stage in the journey to Olympus in Hades 2, ending the Rift of Thessaly region, some advice might be in order. Here are some tips for beating Eris in Hades 2, including which weapons and divine Boons are most useful against Strife Incarnate.

Best weapons and Boons for beating Eris in Hades 2

Hades 2 Eris boss fight Melinoe backstabbing Eris with sister blades

(Image credit: Supergiant Games)

Eris has some pretty brutal moves that are fast and hard to dodge, so it’s important that you come prepared with the right Hades 2 weapons and some handy Boons. When it comes to weapons, the Sister Blades are a top-tier choice, allowing Melinoe to strike fast and hard, and remain agile. Getting behind Eris is an important strategy for avoiding her attacks, and Lim and Oros’ Omega Attack should be used frequently to help with this, letting you deal high Backstab damage and stay out of her view. I recommend sticking with the default Aspect of Melinoe, but you should upgrade it at least once to further help with Backstab damage.

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