Honkai Star Rail banner schedule, current and upcoming

The latest update to the Honkai Star Rail banner schedule tells us what is being added, revealing the current warp event rewards that can be claimed and how long they’ll be available for, as well as peeking ahead and suggesting what possible prizes may be unlocked with later updates, based on leaks and drip-fed information which is already available. The most recent banners were launched around May 7 following the 2.2 update, featuring Robin (Harmony: Physical) and Topaz & Numby (The Hunt: Fire) as the two 5-star characters, though there are lots more rewards that can be claimed.

These banner or warp events make up the gacha element of Honkai Star Rail, where players have the opportunity to win additional Light Cones and new characters to add to their team, on top of collecting handy consumables and materials. By spending warps – or ‘pulls’ as they’re often referred to – a random reward is granted from a predetermined set of prizes, and while certain results are guaranteed after a specified amount of warps have been used, the results are generally based on luck.

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