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Homeworld may have launched RTS gaming into 3D space, but even amid the infinite void, it still found a wall to put your back against. Relic’s 1999 classic was a near-perfect blend of spectacle and stress, lending you control of astonishing firepower while constantly making you feel like you were one wrong move away from annihilation.

25 years on, Homeworld 3 can muster that same mixture of awe and anxiety, but it’s a little less consistent in its execution. When all engines are firing, Blackbird Interactive’s sequel is astonishing to behold, while its campaign can be every bit as imaginative and intense as Relic’s original work. But the missions take a while to warm up, and they do so at the exact moment the story starts to go cold. Meanwhile, Homeworld 3’s big idea, to make that metaphorical wall you’re up against a literal one, is only intermittently successful. 

Fleet on the ground

Homeworld 3 screenshot

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The core of Homeworld 3 is the same as it ever was, its balletic, elegiac space battles emanating from the mobile hub of your Mothership. This bladelike vessel is both the HQ you must protect and the factory floor of your war machine. From here, you build dozens of smaller spaceships that range from single-person fighters to kilometer-long battlecruisers, and direct them to fight enemy fleets across tightly crafted missions. 

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