Helldivers 2 devs are worried it’s “tone deaf” to drop a new Warbond so soon after the whole PSN kerfuffle, so they’re letting voters decide “in true democratic fashion”

Whether or not Helldivers 2 gets a new premium Warbond on Thursday is entirely up to the community, as the developers are concerned it might be tone deaf to release one so soon after the whole PSN linking debacle.

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock for a week, Helldivers 2 sparked its biggest controversy yet when Sony mandated PSN account linking for PC players. Tens of thousands of negative Steam reviews later, the decision has been reversed, but it’s safe to say the winds of democracy are still a little frosty. After all, it was only yesterday that a Helldivers 2 community manager was seemingly fired for encouraging players to leave negative Steam reviews following the mandate.

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