Hades 2 roadmap reveals the roguelike will be in early access “at least through the end of 2024,” while devs add to the “biggest, most replayable, most feature-rich game we’ve made”

Surprise! Hades 2 is out now in early access, following on from its older, death-defying roguelike sibling, but these first few days are only the beginning. Developer Supergiant Games also snuck a roadmap into the game’s menu, detailing the updates coming while early access lasts “at least through the end of 2024.”

“Our first major update is later this year,” the in-game memo reveals. “Please note that, while we will be monitoring feedback and reports carefully, our first Major Update will take some months following our initial launch.” Once that initial update does drop, the team still plans to “keep building on what we want to be the biggest, most replayable, most feature-rich game we’ve made yet.”

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