Hades 2 early access release and what it might include

Hades 2 early access is available now, letting players begin their runs into the hellish Underworld corrupted by Chronos via Steam and the Epic Games Store. It’s not just a small demo either, with the early access build featuring a significant chunk of Hades 2, with multiple regions, lots of characters, and so many upgrades, Arcana Cards, weapons, and more. Below, I’ve tried to answer some burning questions about Hades 2 early access, including how to start playing and how long early access might last.

How to play Hades 2 in early access

When will Hades 2 early access begin?

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Hades 2 is now available to buy on Steam and the Epic Games Store for $29.99/£24.99, granting you access to the early access build of the game. Buy the game and get it downloaded like you would with any other game on Steam and the EGS, and then you can start playing.

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