Fortnite Quests in Season 2 of Chapter 5

The Fortnite quests have performed an exchange this week, as on the one hand we wave goodbye to the Star Wars quests that have now expired, while on the other we are welcoming in a fresh set of Dummy’s Joyride quests that should see us through to the end of the season with various vehicle-based assignments. As per usual there are more Weekly quests as well, which are all centered around the Myths and Mortals theme before it concludes as we move on to Fortnite Season 3 in the near future. Naturally, there are also plenty of other assignments available for completion in the standalone experiences of Lego Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival.

Don’t overlook them, as they provide a significant amount of additional XP during Fortnite Season 2 to speed up your progress through the Battle Pass. Alongside the Snapshot storyline quests, you can take on Kickstart quests showcasing the fresh mechanics introduced this season, plus the retooled daily quests (Match), overall progress quests (Milestones), and classic Weekly quests that now arrive in a complete set instead of in sections.

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