Final Fantasy 3’s programmer is so legendary that people are starting to think it took 16 years to bring back the JRPG because nobody else could replicate his code

There was a 16-year gap between the 1990 release of Final Fantasy III on Famicom and its 2006 remake on Nintendo DS, and a 31-year gap before the Pixel Remaster brought something more akin to the original game to a new platform. That might be because the original game’s legendary programmer was so good nobody could replicate his code.

That programmer is Nasir Gebelli, an Iranian-born man with royal ties who moved to the US to study computer science and avoid the 1979 Iranian Revolution. His early games were legendary among PC enthusiasts of the time, to the point where Doom co-creator John Romero once called him “my number one programming god, my idol.”

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