Dragon Age Dreadwolf: Everything you need to know

Dragon Age Dreadwolf will bring us back to Thedas for a new installment in BioWare‘s beloved fantasy RPG series. While it’s been a long time since it was initially first announced, and we’ve only had little nuggets of information about the adventure’s direction so far, that’s all set to change thanks very soon. Late last year, the studio confirmed that we can expect to see a full reveal of Dreadwolf as part of the Summer Game Fest schedule 2024

That means that we won’t have long to wait to hopefully get a better picture of what’s in store for us in what has long been one of the most anticipated new games set to come our way. The announcement also gave us a brief teaser showing off various locations, including areas we’ve yet to visit in-game in the series so far. And with Solas returning as the antagonist, it’ll certainly be exciting to see how where the new entry will lead us.

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