Diablo 4: Should you skip the campaign?

Should you skip the campaign in Diablo 4, and if so then how? If you’ve been working through the previous seasons in this dungeon crawling demon slayer then the question will already be well known to you, but it doesn’t hurt to recap the information as well as provide guidance for newer players. The progress system in Diablo 4 can be somewhat confusing if you’re unfamiliar with it, as with each new season you need to start a fresh character from scratch, so this process can seem counter-intuitive when initially the campaign acts as your base while you level from 1-50.

Here’s the thing – you should absolutely skip the campaign in Diablo 4. You’ll already need to have completed it once with your main character on the Eternal Realm to access the Diablo 4 Season 4 content, with the Loot Reborn Season requiring that you create a brand new character on the Seasonal Realm.

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