Bethesda adds the Fallout 4 graphics settings the community wanted from the first next-gen update, but the devs “highly recommend” you don’t use them

Bethesda’s put out a new Fallout 4 update addressing its last Fallout 4 update – appropriately titled “Next Gen Update 2” – and adding some PS5 and Xbox Series X graphics settings that were conspicuously absent, but somewhat worryingly the devs “highly recommend” you stick to the defaults anyway. 

The latest Fallout 4 patch notes confirm that, “thanks to your feedback, we’ve been able to implement the ability to control your graphic fidelity and performance.” Great! But wait, here comes the other shoe: Bethesda says “we highly recommend you run with the default settings but now you can change your options to better fit your playstyle and display.” 

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