Best Ghost of Tsushima skills and abilities to aim for

The best Ghost of Tsushima skills won’t just make you more powerful, but help Jin develop towards one of two builds – the Samurai, focused on direct combat and swordplay, and the Ghost, who focuses on stealth, devices and manipulation. Consequently, a single appraisal of the best skills and abilities doesn’t really work, as it vastly depends on which of the two playstyles speaks to you more – and fortunately, we’ve laid out both below, as well as which of the special Mythic Tales abilities you should be looking to get as fast as possible. Here’s all the best skills in Ghost of Tsushima.

Best Ghost of Tsushima Samurai skills

Ghost of Tsushima Duels

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There are a lot of Ghost of Tsushima Samurai skills that largely focus on direct combat, sword to sword, with your enemies. Nearly all of them are useful but most of the Samurai Deflection branch are basically essential and should be unlocked as soon as possible to make combat easier to manage and survive. 

  • Perfect Healing Parry – getting a perfect parry will give you a little bit of health back.
  • Unyielding Sword Parry – This will let you block and parry unblockable attacks, making it easier to deal with enemies that use them. 
  • Resolved Parry – This will reward you with resolve from parries. As resolve is how you activate special moves topping it up is always useful.  
  • Unyielding Spear Parry – Like the Unyielding sword skill, this makes unblockable spear parries blockable, and makes the enemies that use them more manageable, 

Best Ghost of Tsushima Stances

Ghost of Tsushima Stances

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Stances are an odd one in Tsushima. There are four you gradually unlock over the course of the game that make you more effective against different enemy types, namely Swordsmen, Shieldmen, Spearmen and Brutes. Obviously if one of those is giving you more trouble than the others you’ll want to probably invest some more points in their specific stance. However, because you more or less meet them all in any given encounter it’s hard to recommend one skill over another. However, make sure upgrade each one’s first tier, which makes your heavy attacks more powerful. Since that’s what you need to break a particular classes’ guard, it makes sense to make sure they’re all leveled up. 

Best Ghost of Tsushima Ghost skills

Ghost of Tsushima Ghost skills

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The Ghost is the character you becomes over the course of the game – a stealthy, assassin type character using every dirty trick to defeat the mongols. It’s where you’ll want to invest a lot of your points as there are some incredible useful abilities here you’ll use constantly. There are two branches – weapons and tactics  both of which have some good things to unlock. 

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