Baldur’s Gate 3’s principal narrative designer is also the man who decades ago coined the D&D term ‘XP’ in “like 20 minutes on a Thursday afternoon”

Baldur’s Gate 3‘s principal narrative designer, Lawrence Schick, is an old-school Dungeons & Dragons writer who worked alongside the legendary Gary Gygax on some of the earliest versions of the tabletop RPG. In a new interview, Schick revealed how he coined one of the most common abbreviations in all of gaming.

“It was while I was editing his manuscript for the first Dungeon Master’s Guide that I realised that we needed an abbreviation for experience points,” Schick tells Eurogamer. “We couldn’t use EP because Gary [Gygax] had added electrum pieces to the currency, which nobody ever used – everybody just used GP and SP and CP for gold, silver, and copper. But he [Gary Gygax] was insistent that EP was for electrum pieces.”

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