All V Rising console commands and cheat codes

V Rising console commands and cheats can be set up to modify the game, spawn items, turn on god mode and all sorts of further alterations, major and minor alike. By setting up a private game with admin authority, you can start entering all sorts of cheats. Below we can run through the entire process of setting up and using V Rising console commands and cheats on offer, as well as all the cheats to try out.

How to use console commands in V Rising

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To use console commands in V Rising for cheats you’ll have to do the following:

1. Start a Private game

2. Pause and go to Options/General

3. Select “Console Enabled”

4. Unpause the game

5. Click ` , the button usually under the Escape key

6. Type “adminauth” (without quotation marks) and hit enter

7. You can now use and enter console commands!

You may not need to enter “adminauth” depending on the kind of server you’re, but if it’s not working, put it in just to be sure. Admin authority is basically having permission to enter console commands, so you will need it to play the game.

Once that’s set up you can use the full list of console commands we have below below to change your game. You can also type “list” into your commands and get a primer on all the options available to you. There’s actually a huge amount you can do in V Rising once you have a grip on all the input codes.

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