All Destiny 2 Exotic Class Item perks for Prismatic builds in The Final Shape

The new Destiny 2 Exotic Class Items arriving in The Final Shape allow players to create utterly ridiculous Prismatic builds by combining certain Exotic armor perks. While these Class Items are still bound to each of the three Classes, the perks they can roll with take inspiration from an array of Exotic armor across Destiny 2, regardless of Class, letting you create some never-before-seen perk combinations for your Prismatic builds. Here are all the new Destiny 2 Exotic Class item perks that you’ll be able to mix and match in The Final Shape.

All Destiny 2 Exotic Class Item perk combinations

Destiny 2 The Final Shape

(Image credit: Bungie)

In Destiny 2 The Final Shape, players will be able to unlock a new Exotic Class Item that only works with the Light/Darkness hybrid Subclass, Prismatic. In the same spirit as Prismatic’s Subclass-blending abilities, this Class Item randomly rolls with two perks inspired by Exotic armor pieces. You’ll be able to earn them the week after The Final Shape releases in a new activity that will unlock after the Raid race.

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