After posting daily updates for 7 years, Prey fan account that was counting the days until a sequel reacts to studio closure: “It’s over”

A Prey fan account that’s been diligently counting down the days, quite literally, for a sequel to the 2017 FPS, has thrown in the towel now that Arkane Austin has been shuttered.

Early on Tuesday, Microsoft confirmed that it had closed several Bethesda and ZeniMax studios, including Arkane Austin and Tango Gameworks. Arkane Austin, of course, is the studio behind the popular Dishonored series as well as Deathloop, Redfall, and 2017’s Prey. The latter is a game many have wanted a sequel to for years, and although that prospect has appeared rather slim given the deafening silence from all who would be involved, that studio’s closure is the nail on the coffin.

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