After 37 years, the best weapon in video game history gets a new life in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is getting another DLC pack next week, this time bringing a crossover with Contra, Konami‘s classic shooter series. It wouldn’t be a Contra mashup without the iconic Spread Shot, and developer Poncle has just revealed a bit about how the weapon will work in the indie smash.

As in proper Contra, Vampire Survivors’ take on the Spread Shot “fires in a wide spread in the faced direction,” as Poncle explains in a tweet. Paired with the Empty Tome, it’ll eventually evolve into something called the Prototype C. There’s no clear indication of what that is, but you can be sure it’ll be exactly the kind of monster-melting power-up that makes the flurry of fireworks at the end of a round of Vampire Survivors so satisfying. 

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