A 4,000-hour Final Fantasy 14 diehard made his own MMO raid-infused roguelike and it’s tearing it up on Steam, beating the 4-year sales of his last game in 24 hours

Even launching just three days after Hades 2, Rabbit and Steel from solo dev Mino has become one of the highest-rated and most successful new roguelikes of May 2024. It’s a bullet hell action roguelike spliced with MMO raid mechanics, and it has done incredibly well on Steam. At the time of writing, it’s racked up over 2,400 user reviews with a 98% positive score – and as Mino tells me, it outsold his previous game, 2020’s Maiden and Spell, in one day.

I recognized Rabbit and Steel from its showing in a previous Steam Next Fest, which Mino says “was a pretty huge boost.” The pitch is: take on randomized raid-like battles – think tons of AoE markers, projectiles, and global cooldowns (GCDs) – with up to three friends in a pick-up-and-play format. It’s a “raiding roguelike” starring cute bunny girls who can be customized through over 100 random, collectible items and five chosen classes like assassin and druid. And yes, it’s a Final Fantasy 14 love letter right down to its bone marrow. 

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