5 years after falling flat in its own game, Pokemon Sword and Shield’s worst legendary is back from the dead, and it’s running rampant in the competitive scene

They say every dog has its day, and that’s exactly what’s happened for the previously underwhelming Legendary Pokemon, Zamazenta. The mascot for Pokemon Shield has long been overshadowed by its stabby counterpart, Sword version’s Zacian, but a buff to the Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet is now seeing it wreak havoc on the competitive scene, perhaps ascending to the ‘goodest boy’ status. 

Back when Sword and Shield launched, competitive Pokemon players everywhere were baffled as to why Zamazenta couldn’t learn the Fighting-type move Body Press, which calculates damage based on the user’s Defense stat rather than their Attack, giving bulky Pokemon an almighty move to thrash their opponents with. As a Defense-focused Fighting type, Zamazenta seemed like a perfect fit for the move, especially when transformed into the even greater fortified Fighting/Steel-type Crowned Shield form, but alas, it wasn’t to be. 

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